5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins in 2024: Free & Premium

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Best WordPress LMS Plugins

As you know how popular online learning courses have become in recent years, everyone is using the internet to improve their skills and knowledge. If you want to create your own online course and get it as far as you need, then you can use Learning Management System (LMS) plugins. There are many WordPress LMS plugins on the internet, with the help of which you can achieve your goal. That is why we have created this article in which we have shown the 5 best WordPress LMS plugins, with the help of which you can create and manage your online course.

Why use a WordPress LMS plugin?

I am telling you that when you add an online course with these plugins, you can easily maintain and set up your e-learning material. This can be used even by those who do not have much coding knowledge; they can do all the processes simply.

You can give your audience a great learning experience, and you can also track their progress and lessons with the best WordPress LMS plugins. When you see its benefits on the site, you will feel better about using it.

The Best WordPress LMS Plugins at a Glance

Plugin NameStandout FeaturePricing
Tutor LMSVideo lessons, teacher profiles, lesson management, an advanced quiz builder, centralized monetization settings, and course customization.A free plan is available. The individual plan for solo educators or businesses costs USD 199 per year, while the business plan for freelancers and professionals costs USD 399 per year, and the agency plan costs USD 799 per year.
LearnPressIt works with any theme and supports multisite creation. It offers an excellent user interface for online course creation, allowing easy curriculum layout, editing, and maintenance.Free is available; the Premium Add-ons Bundle offers a free site license with 12 months of support and updates for a price of $299.
MasterStudyCourse previews, descriptions, updates, FAQ sections, teaching ratings, expiry dates, sorting, attachments, student progress tracking, enrollment management, difficulty level assignment, and manual student addition.Starter Free. A single-site license costs $89 per year. 5 site license is $229 per year. Unlimited license is $399 per year.
Sensei LMSWordPress Block Editor for course creation, Learning Mode for immersive learning, and detailed student reports.Sensei Free is available. Pro and Bundle are all available with monthly pricing of $15, $179, and $34, respectively, and annual billing of $399.
LifterLMSCreate interactive lessons, track student progress, integrate with e-commerce platforms like Stripe and PayPal, and facilitates community and social learning.The Core Plugin is free, while the Earth, Universe, and Infinity bundles cost $149.50, $249.50, and $749.50 per year, respectively.

List of the 5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

I and my team have put a lot of effort into creating this list of the best WordPress LMS plugins because we have researched, read reviews, and, most importantly, we have used them. The following is a free and paid LMS plugin; you can use it on your website as per your choice.

1. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. It gives you multiple sets of features with which you can easily create and manage online courses.

Tutor LMS
How to create an online course on WordPress with Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a lightweight WordPress LMS plugin that lets you manage educational institutes, online courses, and eLearning websites. It also provides premium features, which you will have to buy, but if you do not want anything more dynamic, you can use the free version.

2. LearnPress

LearnPress is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that lets you simply create and sell online courses. Its interface is easy to use, where users can find lessons, and quizzes, track students’ progress, issue certificates, and much more.

LearnPress LMS
How to create an LMS Website with LearnPress

The LearnPress plugin has a popular payment gateway and membership option, which makes it even better and makes it easy to monetize your courses.

3. MasterStudy

With their large collection of tools and integration, MasterStudy course creators make it easy for you to create online learning classes without any technical expertise. This WordPress LMS plugin has many facilities, like lesson creation, badges, and certificates, which are also available during the particular learning process. Moreover, it supports various multimedia formats, even with popular email marketing services or offer providers.

MasterStudy LMS

This creates a fully customized design for the course that matches any organization’s branding and instructional needs, making it the educators’ choice.

4. Sensei LMS

Sensei is a WordPress LMS plugin that is known for its interface and easy design. It can allow the editor to create a beautiful course page using a WordPress block editor. It has the features of a learning model that gives a very good learning experience and provides detailed reports of student’s progress.

Sensei LMS

This has the ability to show the list of courses on your display by applying any filter to see whether they are available or not. Sensei is the best LMS plugin, which helps in sharing knowledge and teaching freely.

5. LifterLMS

Now we have reached our last list, which is LifterLMS. It gives you interactive course layouts and pre-built templates that you can use without any effort. You can design your quiz formats, question banks, and, finally, insightful reports that will help you improve the learning journey of your students.


This platform is integrated with e-commerce platforms such as Stripe and PayPal. In this, you get interactive assignments, group and one-to-one messaging features, and a video conference facility as well.


  1. Can WordPress LMS plugins improve SEO?

    Yes, they can improve SEO; they have capabilities like making URLs search engine-friendly, optimizing metadata, and enhancing site speed. The best WordPress LMS plugin can help you rank on the top pages in search results.

  2. How would I find out which WordPress LMS plugins would suit me better?

    It all depends on what kind of website you are creating; you will have to balance functionality, usability, and compatibility with your website. You must first identify your requirements and objectives for your online learning platform. You will have to spend your time researching different types of best WordPress LMS plugins to understand their features. I think when you do all this, you will understand which plugin is best for you.

  3. Do LMS plugins affect website performance or page loading speed?

    Every WordPress LMS plugin has its different code, and the way of working is also different. This plugin is heavy, which can make your website loading time increase, but that does not mean that it will affect the performance of your website.

    You have to properly configure and optimize the WordPress LMS plugin. But the plugins available now are very fast, so the site will not slow down. You have to keep in mind to update the plugin from time to time, clean the cache, optimize the images, and, most importantly, update the server and database.


If you want to create and sell your course online with WordPress, then you should use LMS plugins. We have mentioned five plugins in this article that offer you the ability to create, manage, and monetize courses. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced person; start with WordPress LMS plugins, go live with your knowledge, and take it to the next level.

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