Top 10 Popular Rapper of India in 2024 – Frengo

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Top 10 Popular Rappers of India in 2024 - Frengo

What does a rapper do?

Rappers are contemporary poets who use language to convey stories,  comment on society, and express themselves. Their poetry frequently has several facets, with metaphors, layers of meaning, and deft wordplay that entice readers to interpret their meanings. By using their songs to vividly depict their experiences, goals, difficulties, and the world around them, these musicians skillfully strike a delicate balance between authenticity and enjoyment.

They are representative of a society that values the cadence and rhythm of speech in addition to its potency. Rappers, by addressing societal issues, pushing for change,  and speaking for their communities, have a profound ability to capture the zeitgeist. They create a space through their music where thoughts,  feelings, and realities converge, producing a resonance.


Here Is a List of the Top 10 Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024

No Name
1 Divine
2 Emiway Bantai
3 Mc Stan
4 Badshah
5 King
6 Yo Yo Honey Singh
7 Raftaar
8 Dino James
10 Ikka

Top 10 Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024

Divine Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


The landscape of rap music in India has been completely transformed by Divine, a significant character in the country’s hip-hop scene. His songs provide a genuine and unvarnished depiction of life in Mumbai’s underworld, having been born and nurtured on the city’s streets. By sharing the hardships,  aspirations, and realities of urban youth.

Divine has become a voice for the voiceless through his raw narrative and outspoken verses. His breakthrough song “Mere Gully Mein” brought him widespread recognition since it demonstrated his ability to speak Marathi and  Hindi together fluently while addressing social issues. Beyond just his clever wordplay, Divine’s rise from poverty to fame has served as an inspiration in and of itself, demonstrating the strength of tenacity and drive. He keeps opening doors for Indians.

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Emiway Bantai Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo

Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai, an influential figure in the Indian rap industry, has forged his own route to success through his unique approach and unwavering dedication to his craft. Emiway, a Mumbai native, rose to fame on  YouTube with his independently released songs. His story is a testament to the true spirit of endurance; he began with little, recorded songs in his bedroom and,  over time, grew a sizable fan base thanks to his honest and powerful lyrics.

Emiway demonstrates his versatility by switching between Hindi and English with ease and by fusing complex wordplay with emotionally resonant hooks. Acclaimed for his self-assured voice and unapologetic demeanour, he bravely tackles a wide range of subjects, from social issues to personal challenges,  presenting an unvarnished account of his life experiences.

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Mc Stan Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo

Mc Stan

MC Stan, a rising star in the  Indian rap industry, is well-known for his raw lyrics and distinctive narrative. His meteoric climb to fame in the hip-hop world was fueled by his unadulterated skill and gripping stories. He is from  Bombay.

Mc Stan’s songs frequently explore the reality of city life, providing a window into the challenges, ambitions, and complexity of young people. He is renowned for taking a daring stance and connecting profoundly with his audience by candidly addressing both societal concerns and personal experiences.

Stan’s ability to fascinate listeners with his imaginative lyrics is demonstrated by his rapid-fire delivery and flawless fusion of Hindi and English. MC Stan is making waves with his expanding catalogue and unique style, firmly establishing his status as a voice encapsulating the unadulterated spirit of Indian hip-hop.

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Badshah Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


Badshah is a forerunner in the  Indian music scene who, with his addictive beats and memorable lyrics, has made a lasting impression. He was born in Delhi and became incredibly famous for his natural ability to combine conventional Bollywood music with rap.

Badshah has had a huge impact on Indian pop culture with his chart-topping tunes that are now national anthems. His distinctive sound, which combines modern rhythms with Punjabi rap, has received massive praise and established him as a household figure in the business.

In addition to his skill as a musician,  Badshah’s entrepreneurial spirit has cemented his impact through partnerships,  production endeavours, and his label. Badshah continues to push the frontiers of  Indian music, solidifying his position as one of the genre’s leading artists with an ever-expanding fan following and a flair for creating chartbusters.

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King Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


King is quickly building a name for himself with a growing catalogue of songs that address a wide range of topics and feelings. His voice resonates with listeners deeply and relatably. with an ever-expanding fan following and a flair for creating chartbusters. King Really name is  Arpan Kumar Chandel

King, a budding talent in the Indian rap industry, has drawn notice for his reflective and poignant lyrics. King, who is from  Kolkata, infuses his music with a special fusion of power and tenderness as he delves deeply into his own experiences and inner problems. The genuine honesty with which he approaches issues of self-discovery,  perseverance, and social difficulties in his lyrics resonates with listeners. King’s voice is unique and stands out due to his melodic flow, which is frequently layered over deep beats. Within the Indian hip-hop scene,

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Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh, a pioneer in the Indian music scene, has made a lasting impression with his distinctive style and memorable songs. Singh, a native of Hoshiarpur,  Punjab, became incredibly well-known for his upbeat beats,  memorable melodies, and the blend of modern and Punjabi music.

Yo Yo Honey Singh breakthrough successes that broke through genre borders made him a phenomenon, and his ascent to popularity signalled a change in Indian pop culture. A new generation of musicians was influenced by Honey Singh’s music, which not only dominated the Bollywood scene but also altered the Indian rap and pop soundscape.

His ability to write party anthems and his musical talent have cemented his status as a household figure, even in the face of controversy. With a talent for making tracks that go viral and a flair for crafting chart-topper Songs, Yo Yo Honey Singh is still a well-known personality who is always changing the face of Indian music.

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Raftaar Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


A force in the Indian hip-hop industry, rapper Raftaar has made a name for himself as a diverse performer with a dynamic flow and meaningful lyrics. Raftaar, a native of Kerala, started as a dancer before switching to rap. He stands out in the business for his remarkable wordplay, linguistic abilities, and fluid transitions between Hindi, Punjabi, and  English.

Raftaar has a devoted following because of his poetry, which frequently addresses social themes like tenacity, self-belief, and societal obstacles. In addition to his solo endeavours, he has made significant contributions to indie music and  Bollywood, demonstrating his versatility and brilliance. Raftaar’s fast-paced speech and charisma on stage provide an incredible live experience. He was having a significant impact on Indian hip-hop.

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Dino James

Rising to prominence in the Indian hip-hop scene, Dino James is known for his compelling storytelling and deeply felt lyrics.  James, a native of Bhopal, explores societal problems, mental health, human emotions,  and personal hardships in his honest and reflective songs. His poetry has a profound emotional impact on listeners because it candidly and poignantly depicts the intricacies of life. James’s rise to popularity began on  YouTube.

Dino James music quickly gained him a devoted following of listeners who connected with his songs. His engaging material and forceful delivery frequently act as a voice for the voiceless, tackling sensitive subjects and igniting debates.  Dino James is a notable musician in the Indian rap scene because of his ability to combine potent narratives with meaningful themes.

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    KRSNA Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


Rapper Krsna is well-known in the Indian hip-hop scene for his skill at storytelling,  lyrical ability, and uncompromising genuineness. Krsna is a Delhi-born musician whose music explores deep subjects, complicated wordplay, and social criticism, all of which are reflections of his astute observation of society and personal experiences.

KRSNA poetry is distinguished by its profundity and multi-layered meanings; he frequently uses a keen and incisive pen to address social concerns, personal hardships, and the human condition. Krsna skill at his profession is demonstrated by his fluid Hindi and English lyrics and varied flow, which demonstrate his knowledge of the language and ability to relate to a wide range of listeners.

Apart from his pursuits, partnerships, and involvement in the Indian hip-hop landscape, Krsna dedication to challenging conventions and adhering to his creative principles has gained him recognition and adoration and cemented his reputation as one of the most influential and thought-provoking musicians in  Indian hip-hop.

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    Ikka Most Famous Rappers in Desi Hip Hop 2024 - Frengo


Prominent in the Indian music scene,  Ikka Singh—also referred to as Ikka—is praised for his multifaceted abilities as a rapper, songwriter, and composer. Ikka,  who is from Delhi, started with the famous urban music ensemble “Mafia  Mundeer” before going out on his own and building a prosperous career. His poetry is distinguished by a deft blending of Punjabi and Hindi, producing lively beats and memorable hooks that appeal to a broad audience.

Ikka’s versatility and talent at penning chart-topping tunes are demonstrated by his ability to adapt to a variety of musical styles, including hip-hop and Bollywood. In  addition to his solo endeavours, Ikka has collaborated with well-known musicians to create hits that top the charts, greatly enhancing the Indian music landscape. With his own style and unshakable commitment, Ikka keeps making waves and establishing himself as a seasoned musician and influential figure in the Indian rap and music scene.

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Faq Indian Rappers

What is ikka Facebook ID?

Ikka Facebook name is mrhaanji

What is ikka Twitter?

Ikka Twitter is ikkanomics

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Top 2 Indian Best Rapper in 2024?

Emiway and Mc Stan

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