Top 10 Best Contact Form Plugins for Elementor in 2024

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Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

When we think of contact form plugins, the first thing that comes to mind is collecting names, email addresses, and customer details. Those are important use points, but concatenated forms are the best tool for other reasons: You can use this top 10 best contact form plugins for Elementor in 2024 to raise customer help support tickets, sign them up for a notification, and your employees can request this about your project or new ideas for their department.

Having an awesome contact form plugin for Elementor will help you make the forms you require to take all these use cases and more while remaining trustworthy to your brand image, maintaining track of requests, and understanding how to enhance data collection as you go.

There are many online contact form builders for Elementor where you can add registration forms, popup designs, dynamic search fields, and many more features that you can use in your WordPress website. But it’s so hard to know where to start. So, I started for you, step by step: I considered the 10 best contact form plugins for Elementor in 2024 and did in-depth testing on each of them.

What Makes the Best Form Builder Plugin for Elementor?

Form builder for Elementor lets you build a form you can share with others, including a field of question types and dynamic data fields that allow you to pick any detail you require. At the very least, these platforms will let you line up all your queries, transfer them quickly, and see an easy list of answers. More advanced content form plugins for Elementor include analytics features, form access controls, powerful reporting, popup features, search options, easy email settings, etc., to give you more control and understanding of each submission.

I signed up for each form maker for Elementor and built a couple of forms, utilizing templates as a base. I filled them out with sample fields and then ran some information to see how detailed they were. When there were amazing features, I even tried those to see if they were effortless to operate and if they added importance to the knowledge no one values expending for worthless features, right?

10 Best Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

This list focuses on the 10 best contact form plugins for Elementor to get the job done.

1. Gravity Forms

If you need to assemble a helpful form quickly, Gravity Forms for Elementor is your best bet for completing the job within the hour.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

Building an Elementor form on Gravity Forms is easy and intuitive. There isn’t a bunch of clutter going on, so you can concentrate on your queries. Begin categorizing them, and the Gravity Forms widget in Elementor can guess which query type it is, saving you a few seconds over selecting it from the drop-down menu. Even if this is your first time building a form in Elementor, the end outcome will look fantastic, and you don’t need to spend your day.

Key Features

  • Quickly turn your WordPress forms using the intuitive visual form editor into an Elementor page
  • Gravity Forms provides you with an online payment collection option
  • You can easily create custom automated workflows
  • You can set up multiple types of file uploading

Gravity Forms Pricing: ₹948.00 monthly

2. WPForms

If you add a WPForms builder inside the Elementor page, you can easily add your question and edit the settings on any of them by clicking the suitable button in an editor section. If you are a small business owner and do not need many features, then you can use its free WPForms lite version, which has fewer features.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

WPForms form builder plugin for Elementor pages’ intelligent captcha and spam protection automatically stops spam requests. WPForms allows you to create your forms on an Elementor page with pre-built templates and is 100% mobile responsive on cross-device. You can easily embed it in blog post pages, sidebar widgets, footers, etc.

Key Features

  • Online payments, donations, and online orders are all available
  • A marketing and subscription form is available for the Elementor website
  • Customize options like HTML blocks and custom CSS
  • Easy-sending email setting

WPForms Pricing: WPForms Lite version is free, Elite: $299.50/year, Pro: $199.50/year, Plus: $99.50/year, and Basic: $49.50/year.

3. Contact Form 7

If you want to add Contact Form 7 to the Elementor page, you can do it easily; you must install and activate it. This form also has custom HTML options for developers to extend and create custom functionality, including reCAPTCHA (Google) and Akismet (Automattic).

Top 10 Best Contact Form Plugins for Elementor in 2024

If you search for the best form plugin on the Elementor website, you will also find the name of Contact Form 7 because it is a very complete plugin whose active installations are 5+ million.

Key Features

  • A lot of integrations
  • The most flexible Elementor form builder
  • Implement autoresponder
  • Embed a contact form into the Elementor file

Contact Form 7 Pricing: 100% free

4. Ninja Forms

Are you struggling with the form builder’s block while creating a website in Elementor, Ninja Forms users don’t. With a massive form widget and template library, you can pick one of the fifty-plus templates. The interface pops out with deep shades and cool animations, and it remains quick and responsive throughout, which is truly unique for a plugin user.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

There are a lot of advantages to operating Ninja Forms for your form-building requirements over Elementor forms. This form builder plugin integrates with Elementor without any extra costs. You can customize everything about your form’s configuration in the graphic editor. And if that doesn’t even fulfill expectations, there’s an advanced editor to move more in-depth into it. Still not fulfilled? Connect to the CSS editor and code all you desire. It’s one of the multiple flexible plugins on the list regarding layout elements.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop fields
  • Easy row and column layouts
  • Conditional forms for Elementor
  • Send or export submissions as PDFs, Excel files, or Google Sheets

Ninja Forms Pricing: Core: Free, Plus: $99/year, Pro: $199/year, Elite: $499/year.

5. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms offers all the same choices as the competition when transferring your form, along with special ones with the Fluent Forms widget in Elementor. For example, if you do not want to download all the leads and submissions, you can export them to Google Excel with a single click and transfer them anywhere.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

Fluent Forms stands out in the crowded form-building plugin for Elementor with its advanced logic abilities. You can integrate Fluent Forms with Elementor and connect all the other pages in your WordPress website to it.

Key Features

  • Ready input fields
  • Dozens of pre-built form templates
  • Secure your forms with features like form restrictions, empty submission prevention, and form validation
  • Advanced migration options

Fluent Forms Pricing: Free Version Available; Single Site License: $55/year for 1 Domain; Agency License: $111/year for 5 Domains; Unlimited License: $209/year for Unlimited Domain.

6. Jotform

When we talk about the top 10 best contact form plugins for Elementor in 2024, how can we forget Jotform? The interface to make a form is equally smart, clean, and comfortable. There are a lot of visual aids and tooltips to advise you as you create, and it’s nearly inconceivable to complete a form that doesn’t look amazing. The baseline strategy is demanding, with lots of space and rounded corners.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

Compile the data you require to power your Elementor website without modifying your whole website. Build custom forms on the Elementor page with Jotform and effortlessly embed them on your WordPress site.

Key Features

  • Hundred-plus app integrations
  • Integrate with payment gateways
  • Customize your form to meet your exact needs
  • Anti-spam fields

Jotform Pricing: Starter: Free, Bronze: $39/month, Silver: $49/month, Gold: $129/month, Enterprise: Custom Pricing.

7. JetFormBuilder

JetFormBuilder for Elementor page builder, you can add your associates, partners, or other employees to the WordPress plugin and share forms with them quickly, tracking submissions and requests in a single place. You can connect JetFormBuilder to Google Sheets, ensuring all your JetFormBuilder data gets to where you want it and even sending out automatic follow-ups.

Top 10 Best Contact Form Plugins for Elementor in 2024

If you operate at a large firm, you understand that some requests may have to be supported by multiple people. The JetFormBuilder forms plugin for Elementor gets this. It lets you make support flows—rules for escalating demands. Let’s say you have a help request form. If more than one executive is involved in the decision-making procedure, you can route the submission form through the direct manager first.

Key Features

  • Set any form field states to easily show, hide, enable, turn on or off, or make them required or optional
  • Conditional actions
  • The best contact form plugin for Elementor with pre-filled dynamic values
  • Build calculator forms that perform basic and complex calculations

JetFormBuilder Pricing: Free version available; Site Pro: $39 for 1 website; Agency Pro: $79 for unlimited sites.

8. Forminator

Forminator is the easy-to-use WordPress form builder plugin for the Elementor page. You can easily create contact, order, payment, and email forms and create feedback widgets or interactive poll pages in Elementor with real-time results.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

You can pick from 20+ form templates. Forminator also comes with a reliable form visual editor, where you can edit almost anything in your design. The Forminator form plugin for Elementor also has the widest range of sharing options on this list. Apart from the necessary sharing possibilities (email, link, QR code, and social media), you can embed it on your Elementor page inline or as a pop-up, send it through Mailchimp, or embed it in WordPress.

Key Features

  • Custom forms like polls, quizzes, calculations, and payments are needed
  • Accept Payments with Stripe and PayPal
  • Third-party integrations supported: email services, CRM, storage, and project managers
  • Create both knowledge and no-wrong-answer quizzes

Forminator Pricing: Free version available: Basic: $6/month for 1 site license; Standard: $10/month for a 3-site license; Freelancer: $20/month for a 10-site license; Agency: $40/month for an unlimited-site license.

9. Formidable Forms

Do more than make WordPress forms and collect data. Use the Formidable Forms plugin for Elementor! Fast turn your widgets into effective and customized form styles in Elementor. The notifications section is also strong, allowing you to see a list of outcomes.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

The best WordPress forms plugin to support you acquire more done in a shorter period. Create easy contact forms for Elementor or complicated multi-page forms with document uploads, conditional logic, and calculations.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce forms
  • 1-Click add-on installation
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Allows you to view all your quiz and survey entries in WordPress.

Formidable Forms Pricing: Free version available; Basic: $79, $39.50/year; Plus: $99.50/year; Business: $199.50/year; Elite: $299.50/year.

10. Elementor Form

Elementor Form is another form plugin offered by Elementor that’s both beautiful and performance-intensive. The user interface is clean and elegant, and clicking components on the forms is responsive and enjoyable.

Contact Form Plugins for Elementor

But fulfilment while clicking is just a little element of everything the Elementor form offers on the page. What’s beautiful is how you can build and control forms to take orders and create deals. No coding is required when you create a form on the website. This plugin create your forms in Elementor posts or pages to engage with your audience and collect information.

Key Features

  • Advanced form capabilities
  • Integrate your favourite marketing and CRM tools
  • Choose from 20 different form fields
  • Adjust the spacing to fit your forms perfectly into any element or page

Elementor Form Pricing: Elementor Form Builder is free, but it comes with the Elementor page builder plugin, which starts with Essential: 59 USD/year; Advanced: 99 USD/year; Experiment: 199 USD/year; and Agency: 399 USD/year.

How Do I Choose the Right Contact Form Plugins for Elementor?

There are many great contact form plugins for Elementor out there, but not all offer the same features and functionality. Here are some of the factors you’ll want to keep in mind while selecting a form builder:

Ease of Use: Look for contact form plugins for Elementor with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. A drag-and-drop WordPress form builder allows you to smoothly add, shuffle, and customize widgets on your Elementor pages.

Pre-built Templates: Review if the form builder plugin offers a type of template and functions like dynamic fields, email settings, popup options, registration, and search forms. Having a range of choices can help you start creating your forms quickly.

Customization Options: Look for a contact form plugin for Elementor that delivers a high level of customization, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, spacing, and different layout elements to fit your brand identity.

Mobile Friendly: Your chosen customized form styles in Elementor should help you to make responsive form designs in Elementor that look fine on additional devices and mobile screen sizes. Preview how your form will appear on cross-device views.

Support and Latest Updates: The Elementor contact form should be actively supported in themes and other plugins and regularly updated. This enables compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and delivers access to newly launched features and bug fixes.

Compatibility Issue: Check if the contact form builder for Elementor is compatible with your paid or free theme and any other plugins you plan to use. Compatibility issues can guide creation, as can functionality issues.

You can view the pricing of the form-builder plugins. Some are free with premium add-ons, while others are 100% paid. You must ensure that the features you’re bringing explain the price.

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