Top 8 Best Places to Visit with Friends in Pune

By Sadiya  | Feb 09, 2024

"Explore Pune with friends at these top 8 fantastic places."

Parvati Hill Temple

"Parvati Hill Temple: A peaceful spot with breathtaking city views."

Aga Khan Palace

"Aga Khan Palace: Cultural elegance and gardens in Pune, Maharashtra." 

 Bund Garden

"Bund Garden: Relaxing park with scenic beauty in Pune city." 

 Pashan Lake

"Pashan Lake: Gorgeous nature place for calm walks in Pune."

Vetal Tekdi

"Vetal Tekdi: Popular hill for nature walks in Pune city."

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

"Kelkar Museum: Pune's cultural treasure trove, rich in diverse artifacts."

Panshet Water Park

"Panshet Water Park: Enjoyable swimming experiences for families and friends."


"Mix@36: Vibrant ambiance, delicious food, and lively atmosphere in Pune."

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