The world's five most weird cars, each valued at Rs 500 crore The Most Odd and Unusual Automobiles Ever Invented.

By Sadiya

February 01, 2024

Top 5 Weird Expensive Cars in the World

Telephone Car

This is not a big telephone but a car that looks like a phone. The most interesting feature of this is that it plays a ringtone instead of a horn. Which is enough to attract everyone's attention. A businessman named Devish has got it built for himself.

Renault Ultimo

The Renault Ultimo is a car made by the Renault company with the future in mind. Which is definitely not for the common people because its price is so high. It does not require any drivers to run; it runs automatically. Even though there was no space provided for the driver inside, It runs on electricity instead of gasoline and has become the dream of every rich person. 

Volkswagen Levitating Car 

Volkswagen car: After this car comes on the market, people will not need tyres. This is a car that turns in the air, and by pressing just one button, it will start flying in the air. Which will change the world of cars, and it is possible that we may see this car on the streets in the coming times. In which two people can sit comfortably. 

Bugatti Chiron Lego Car

Bugatti Lego Car This car looks normal from a distance. But when you look at it closely, you will know why it is different from other cars. The person who made this car used a lot of Lego to make it. Everything from the upper body to the inside has been made from Lego. Seeing this, you will feel as if a car has come out of a video game. 

Lemo Jet 

Lemo Jet Everyone is deceived when they see it for the first time. To them, this seems not to be a car but a plan. But when we look at it closely, Then its reality is understood. His length is 42 feet, and his height is approximately eleven and a half feet. Inside, there are beautiful lights along with a big screen and sound system. So that along with travelling, you can also party with friends. 

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