By Sadiya  | Feb 08, 2024

Top 5 Rare Animals Seen Only in China

Most of the unusual animals that can only be found in China are quiet and seriously threatened.

Giant panda

Only the famous giant panda, a symbol of conservation, lives in China's bamboo forests. 

Red panda

With its unique mix of cat and bear features, the adorable and rare red panda can only be found in China's bamboo forests. 

Golden snub-nosed monkey

The beautiful golden snub-nosed monkey, which is only found in China's hilly regions, is recognizable by its colourful and unusual nose. 

Chinese pangolin

The Chinese pangolin is a rare species of scaly mammal that lives alone in the faraway woods of China. It is seriously threatened with an end. 

Giant Salamander

Giant salamanders are a rare and dangerous aquatic creature that can only be found in China's rivers and streams. They are old and mysterious animals. 

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