Irfan Pathan Reveal Wife Safa Baig photo

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23 February, 2020

Irfan Pathan revealed his wife's photo on her 8th anniversary

I cherish you as my wife. Happy 8th my love. Happy Anniversary 

Irfan Pathan shows wife Safa Baig's face on Twitter

For the first time after marriage, Irfan Pathan has revealed the face of his wife Safa Bag, after 8 years of marriage.

What is the reason for not revealing the photo for so many years?

Ab Tak Koi Statement Irfan Ke Taraf Se Nahi Hai but Kafi Logo Ne Twitter and  Instagram Par Question Pucha Hai

What is the reaction of people after revealing the photo?

There is a link to Twitter, you can go and see the comments and reactions of people.

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