Do you know that Apple is working on foldable iPhones?

The Information reports Apple is working on two clamshell-style folding iPhone and iPad designs.

By Irfan


Apple iFlip, iFold, or both?

What will be the name of the Apple foldable phones? It has not been confirmed yet, but internet rumors are saying that it might be iFlip or iFold. What do you think the name will be?

Apple's foldable iPhone may look like the Galaxy Z Flip

Apple is still developing a folding iPhone, its design might be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, or maybe different and better. But everyone on the internet is saying that it will be like Z Flip

Apple foldable phone release date

Rumors said Apple may not launch its own flexible screen device until 2025

Apple foldable iPhone price

Till now no one has given the expected price but you can guess that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is $1,199, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 costs $1,799 at launch and the Z Flip 4 is just $999 so how much will the iPhone Foldable cost.

What software will be in the Apple foldable iPhone?

We assume a foldable iPhone would run on iOS, shipping with whatever the latest version is at the time it appears. But we would also assume Apple would tweak its iPhone software to make better use of the folding body.

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