Astronaut Sunita Williams Space Journey: 7 Facts Revealed

By Irfan: July, 09, 2024

Sunita Williams' Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Before becoming a NASA astronaut, Sunita Williams had a dream to fly an airplane one day.

Seven Spacewalks Female Astronaut

Became the first female astronaut to complete seven spacewalks.

Experiments with Their Own Bodies in Space

In space, astronauts experience the effects of weightlessness on their bodies. Sunita conducted experiments on herself to understand what reactions happen to the human body in space.

322 Days in Space

A total of 322 days in space were spent viewing the Earth from the International Space Station, and that too while staying in zero gravity.

Boston Marathon on the Space Station

Sunita liked running in space; she ran on the treadmill while staying in zero gravity. She completed the Boston Marathon on the International Space Station.

Sunita's Return to Earth

After living in space for a long time, when she came to Earth, she shared her experience of how important it is for us humans to know about space.

Inspiration for the Future Generation

The work done by Astronaut Sunita Williams will be remembered around the world and will motivate future astronauts.