6 unbelievable trees that can grow in water 

By Arman | July 09, 2024

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove trees grow in brackish waters close to the seashores and seashores with anchor-like roots exposed from the seawater.

Bald Cypress

Some grow above water like bald cypress trees that form knobby stilt roots called ‘knees’ and which can live more than a thousand years in swamps.

Water Tupelo

Unfortunately, water tupelo trees grow in swollen areas with bases important for aquatic animals and plants.

 Willow Trees

Willow trees, particularly the weeping kind, prefer wet areas and thus are often spotted along the river lines or the shores of the lakes.

Pond Cypress

Pond cypress trees are best adapted to still, swampy waters with wider trunks at the base, enhancing the mystery of wetlands.

Paperbark Maple

Native to China, the paperbark maple has peeling, cinnamon-colored bark and can tolerate wet conditions.

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