10 Most Popular Talking Bird Species to Keep as Pets

Mar 05, 2024

By: Irfan

1. African Grey Bird

The African Grey is widely considered to be the cleverest of the talking birds and one of the smartest in the animal kingdom overall. Some professionals say they approach the capacity to speak and connect ideas on the level of a human toddler. 

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2. Hill Myna Bird

This pretty little blackbird has an amazing ability to mimic human voices, with a varied range of pitch and tonality.

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3. Double Yellow Head Amazon Bird

Closely following the Yellow Naped, with an amazing capacity to mimic human voices and a love for melody.

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4. Yellow-Naped Amazon Bird

Of the Amazon parrots, the yellow-naped is the most well-known for its speaking pieces of knowledge. They love to sing and are positively clever, with an uncanny ability to mimic human speech and cadence.

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5. Yellow-Crowned Amazon Bird

Considered to be almost as sound as the yellow-naped, with less of a tendency to nip.

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6. Eclectus Bird

Known for being especially gender dimorphous—the male is green and the female is bright red—this parrot can verbalize distinctly and mimic the tone and mood of vocabulary. While its powers are strong, these capacities depend completely on training from an early age.

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7. Blue-Fronted Amazon Bird

If you like a life partner, this is a suitable fit. The Blue-Fronted can live for up to 100+ years.

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8. Indian Ringneck Bird

Very smart small birds, Indian Ringnecks, can create a large vocabulary and communicate extremely clearly in sentences. Not so much for mimicking the pitch of a human voice; they additionally often voice in their bird voices, though they can have the mood of the expression.

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9. Monk Parakeet Bird

Also called the Quaker Parakeet, this multicoloured small bird is a little parrot. They are known for being very intelligent and social, creating large vocabularies of sayings and phrases.

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10. Budgerigar Bird

Also known as the budgie or parakeet, this common small bird is capable of understanding a large number of words and songs. Their voice tends to be soft and not always specified, and males tend to train better than females.

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