10 Most Advanced Countries in Video Game Development

By Arman | July 04, 2024

United States (35%) 

The US is the home of big gaming companies and new technology. It has a large part of the gaming market. 

China (30%) 

China's video game industry is experiencing explosive growth and becoming a major market, with developers gaining global recognition.

Japan (15%) 

A pioneer with iconic franchises, Japan focuses on details, storytelling, and genre-blending. 

South Korea (10%) 

A global esports leader, South Korea excels in online games, particularly MMORPGs. 

United Kingdom (5%) 

Boasting a rich history and innovative studios like Rockstar Games, the UK excels in immersive world creation. 

Germany (3%) 

Home to major companies like Crytek, Germany is known for its quality and technical prowess.

France (2%) 

France has a vibrant scene with studios like Ubisoft Paris pushing boundaries with creativity and experimentation. 

Canada (2%) 

Studios like Ubisoft Montreal and BioWare contribute to Canada's thriving scene with critically acclaimed titles across genres. 

Sweden (1.5%) 

DICE and Mojang Studios, creators of popular games like Battlefield and Minecraft, put Sweden on the map. 

Finland (1.5%) 

Finland's strong industry features studios like Remedy Entertainment and Supercell, which are known for their innovative design and engaging experiences. 

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