10 Amazing Images from Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2024

July, 09, 2024

By Irfan

1. A Whale Sailing the Sun by Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau

Eduardo observed an extraordinary filament with a plasma whale-like shape, revealing solar dynamics and the human ability to perceive abstract patterns, known as pareidolia.

© Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau

2. Abandoned House by Stefan Liebermann

An abandoned house in Namib Desert features the Milky Way, captured with a star tracker and a dream-like effect created by clouds and halos around the stars.

© Stefan Liebermann

3. Arctic Dragon by Carina Letelier Baeza

Icelandic geomagnetic storm generated intense red-greenish aurorae over rock pyramids, capturing a dragon-like panorama at Arctic Henge, a culturally significant location with clear skies.

© Carina Letelier Baeza

4. Observations at Night by Jakob Sahner

Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma showcases a dream composition, highlighting other interesting areas of the galaxy despite often overshadowing the center of the Milky Way.

© Jakob Sahner

5. International Space Station Daytime Moon Transit by Kelvin Hennessy

Kelvin captured ISS transiting the 51%-illuminated Moon using Ed Morana's Transit Prediction app and Stellarium. Finding a suitable shooting location in a city was challenging.

© Kelvin Hennessy

6. The Galaxy Devourer by ShaRA (Shared Remote Astrophotography) Team

A team of astrophotographers captured a unique image of CG4, a galactic worm complex in the southern constellation of Puppis, using a Newtonian telescope.

© ShaRa group

7. Run to Carina by Vikas Chander

Artist Vikas is photographing stone sculptures known as the 'Lone Men of Kaokoland' in northwest Namibia's scorched desert, unsure of their creator and location.

© Vikas Chander

8. Total Solar Eclipse by Gwenaël Blanck

Gwenaël highlights the beauty of a total solar eclipse, a rare but rewarding experience in Australia in April 2023, despite its short duration.

© Gwenaël Blanck

9. A Night with the Valkyries by Jose Miguel Picon Chimelis

Jose captures a breathtaking panoramic view of Eystrahorn Mountain during a KP7 storm, showcasing the stunning colors in the sky.

© Jose Miguel Picon Chimelis

10. The Blue Details of M45: The Pleiades by Sándor Biliczki

Sándor began astronomy photography in February, renting equipment at AstroCamp in Spain due to Budapest's light pollution. Discovering the Pleiades was a thrilling experience.

© Sándor Biliczki