Instagram is currently developing a ‘Friend Map’ functionality that enables users to monitor the locations of their friends.

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Instagram Friend Map would be the game changer?

Instagram Friend Map: An Instagram “Friend Map” feature is in under development a Meta spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch on Monday. Comparable to Snapchat’s Snap Map, the opt-in function would enable users to view the real-time locations of their friends. The company states that external testing is not being conducted on the feature as it is an internal prototype. Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer who frequently uncovers social media features in development prior to their official release, identified the function initially.

Should Instagram choose to formally introduce the Friend Map, it would be replicating an additional well-liked feature from Snapchat, subsequent to its 2016 cloning of the app’s fundamental Stories functionality. Instagram would also be available for Apple devices with the “Find My” map function, which allows users to track the current locations of their friends and family. Instagram’s users would have an additional incentive to spend more time on its app and less time on the services of other companies with the addition of this feature.

Additionally, Instagram can attract users who were fond of Zenly, a social mapping application acquired by Snap and subsequently discontinued a year ago.

Paluzzi’s Threads screenshots indicate that Instagram’s Friend Map would enable users to specify which individuals have the ability to view their current location. Additionally, the screenshots demonstrate that location information would be encrypted end-to-end. You have the option of sharing your location with your “Close Friends” list, followers who reciprocate your actions, or with no one. In addition, a “Ghost Mode” option would be included on the map, concealing your most recent active location.

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Instagram Friend Map
Instagram Friend Map
Instagram Friend Map
Instagram Friend Map

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Instagram Friend Map

Users would have the ability to publish brief communications, known as “Notes,” on the Friend Map for the visibility of others. At present, the concise updates that appear at the top of one’s direct messaging feed are referred to as Instagram Notes. However, with the introduction of the Friend Map, users will be granted the opportunity to publish these notes on the map. One possible use for the Notes feature on the map is to inform acquaintances of noteworthy discoveries, such as a recently discovered restaurant or an entertaining pop-up shop.

Likewise with the announcement, Instagram has been improving its in-app map functionality. The organization unveiled a searchable map interface in late 2022, enabling users to navigate through nearby popular classified destinations and filter location results according to particular categories, such as beauty salons, cafes, and restaurants. A week prior to the launch of the searchable map, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan predicted that young users seeking to discover new places would rather use Instagram and TikTok than Google Search or Maps.

Following its acquisition of a Google core business, Instagram may now be positioning its Friend Map to compete with Snapchat and Apple.

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