Frengo Tagline: Have more fun with your phone

Mahi de Silva Co-Founder & C.E.O.

With his vision for an easy-to-use mobile phone interface - enabling friends to play and connect with one-another - Mahi is guiding Frengo as it builds the world's largest mobile social playground. Mahi co-founded Frengo after serving as VeriSign's senior vice president and general manager of Digital Content Services where he led the world's leading mobile messaging and mobile entertainment platform.

Steve Manning Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Steve is the creative energy behind Frengo, and named the company around the concept of "Grab a Friend and Go." Steve heads up the product and content groups where he designs all Frengo games and messaging tools, as well as content publishing. Prior to Frengo, Steve ran product management for VeriSign's Digital Content Services where he built a content management and licensing platform for both broadband and mobile media.

Sameer Merchant Co-founder & CTO

Sameer is responsible for the technical architecture and infrastructure designed to handle all the interactivity expected in the world's largest mobile playground. Sameer brings years of deep experience designing, implementing and deploying highly scalable security, payment, messaging and digital content services at VeriSign - serving more than 100 million users.